Sweet Pea Software

Custom, bespoke technology solutions to make your life easier

Maximising Your Potential Utilising A Variety of Technologies

We work with a wide range of technologies to achieve the desired result for each project. This includes many development technologies and third party tools, but we can also provide physical development of bespoke circuits and devices.


Skilled in a range of programming languages, we pick the best development platform dependent on the requirements of the project.

Circuit Design

Whether it's a simple logic based circuit or more complicated PIC controlled circuits, we have designed solutions for domestic and industrial lighting controllers, control interface equipment, practical theatre sets and much more.

Charity Work

We have a background in providing free consultation for charities. We understand how important it is to give back wherever possible and we are proud to have supported various charity projects.

Theatre House Lighting Controller

The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre approached us with a requirement to replace an antiquated house lighting controller. We designed and built a bespoke system that was not only able to control the house lights via local control buttons, but also able to be remotely controlled via the lighting desk and also able to be automatically controlled by the theatre's digital cinema projector.

Chris Alexander

We are very pleased with the new house lighting controller. Sweet Pea worked closely with us to design a system that would seamlessly fit in with our existing house lighting setup, meaning we didn't need to replace any of the light fittings. The system is perfect and does exactly what we need it to, with an easy to understand LCD screen and intuitive controls. We are now looking to get a similar system produces by Sweet Pea for our smaller Studio Theatre and possibly also for our Art Gallery.

Chris Alexander Technical Manager

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